Access Control

Shore Systems has been a leader at providing access control solutions that are technologically cutting-edge, yet remarkably easy to use.

From a small office to a complex enterprise system installation, we have the resources and expertise to handle all of your security needs.

In the beginning, access control meant using a card to replace a metal key. Since then, Shore Systems has been apart of creating innovative systems that control thousands of doors and integrate a host of customizable software applications, such as video badging, parking systems control, and CCTV systems.
We install only the leading cutting-edge intelligent controllers that make independent, critical decisions without the use of an online PC, accommodated flexible reader choices, and can communicate over phone lines (RS232), Ethernet cables and point-to point networks (RS485). The true systems integrator provides a gateway to other subsystems and database engines.

The Shore Systems Helpdesk can facilitate your complete access control system. We can add and delete cards, as well as issue new cards or lost cards. Shore Systems can implement access control systems that manage vehicle access and egress to parking areas.

In an unsafe world, it’s smart to rely on a company that makes you feel secure.